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Currently on the Planet 6/26/2023

We are receiving high gamma rays on your planet. It's all energetically lifting our minds and bodies. These rays are transformational frequencies, that are awaking our dormant dna and assisting us in your evolutionary process. Maybe you have seen the Schumann Resonance recently, and now were are seeing the intragration within our being. We are collectively rising our consciousness to be a part of the 5D new earth. There is going to be another wave because 3D is going to be the minority now. Everyone that been working on there spiritual evolution is going to feel the effects and rise higher. This is all coming into our awareness and it's a understanding that we are the one. We are the creator here on planet earth. No wonder everything outside of your self's doesn't want us discover this. This illusion wanted us to stay stuck in this 3D reality and they will do whatever it take to keep us there. Just like my self we are here to help with the ascension process, when everyone that is still in the 3d reality is going to get harder and would like out of that reality, this is the time to graduate. That's why we are here, how exiting is that!!! We have lived hundreds, thousands and million years to be here at this moment in time. We are connecting our other soul fragments to our current one with our higher self. You are margining dimensions and you feel like you are in more of a alignment with yourself. Just like the image below.

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