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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

We are here to spread awareness to humanity, to show the light within all.

We uplift restore and transform your mind, body and spirit.

Our vision is to assist one soul at a time and receive all the support and love  

to thrive in this ever-expanding world. We are currently experiencing many

shifts of energy that are helping us to release old patters, habits and trauma that we have held on for years.  We would be honored to make that transition as smooth as possible in your journey. 

Sunrise over Mountains

Our Story

As the creator of Humanity Holistic Health & Wellness, I wanted to provide an alternative. A more open approach to health and wellness. The World Health Organization estimates 65 – 80 percent of the population use holistic approach as a primary form of health care.

As a Healer, I have worked on a lot of human vessels that require a unique attention to different aspects of their life's. The deeper you go beyond the surface level the deeper you can heal; heal any illness, trauma and health situation. Everything is Energy and we are living not just the physical but also the energy world at the same time. We are also teachers that would like to expand your gifts to be of service to humanity.

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